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A Windows port of Rivendell exists, consisting of just the RDLogEdit, RDLogManager, RMLSend, and RDSoftKeys tools, primarily intended for use on systems employing Windows-based traffic and music schedulers. Only access to the Rivendell database is supported; you can't access the Rivendell audio file system using these tools.

  • A Windows installation program is included in systems created with the Paravel Systems Broadcast Appliance DVD, and can be found in the /var/win32/ directory as rivendell-version.exe.
  • If you wish to build the Windows port from source, please see the INSTALL file.


Installing With the Windows Binary

The rivendell-version.exe file is a standard Windows setup program that will do most of the work of getting the tools installed. After the installation is complete, the tools can be accessed via the Start button at All Programs / Rivendell.


After installation you'll need to create an rd.ini file so the Windows programs will know how to access the Rivendell MySQL server. This file must be in C:\Program Files (x86)\SalemRadioLabs\Rivdendell\. It can contain all of the directives and arguments used in Rivendell's rd.conf file, although only a few will have any real effect in the Windows environment.

You can create the rd.ini file using either of these:

  • A copy of your Rivendell system's config file, found at /etc/rd.conf
  • A copy of the sample file installed in Windows at C:\Program Files (x86)\SalemRadioLabs\Rivdendell\rd-sample.ini

Note: Files in C:\Program Files (x86)\ and its sub-directories are all read-only unless you're running as a Windows administrator and you've requested elevated privileges by right-mousing the desired program (e.g., Notepad) and selecting Run as administrator.

Once you create rd.ini you'll need to change some values in the [mySQL] section:

; The connection parameters for the MySQL server.

Set Hostname to the IP address or DNS name of the Rivendell MySQL server. Be sure that you can access the server from your Windows system - you should be able to ping it.

If you've changed the MySQL login/password from the default rduser/letmein, you'll need to change Loginname and Password as well.

When you save the file the changes are effective immediately; there are no daemons or services to restart.

Rivendell MySQL Server Changes

You may need to change the Rivendell MySQL server settings to grant your Windows machine access to the Rivendell database. Try running the RDLogEdit tool; if it starts successfully then no changes are needed. Otherwise:

  • Log into the MySQL server as root. From the command line on any machine that has access to the server and has the MySQL command line interface installed issue:
mysql -uroot -ppassword -hservername
servername is the same as the Hostname value in rd.ini.

  • Review the current access level for the Rivendell user (the Loginname value in rd.ini):
show grants for rduser;
You'll most likely see the user is restricted to specific hosts, such as rduser@localhost.

  • The simplest way to grant access is to allow the user to connect from any host. Issue:
grant all privileges on *.* to 'rduser'@'%' identified by 'letmein' with grant option;
The identified by clause specifies the Password value in rd.ini.

  • Reissue the show grants command. You should see something like:
| Grants for rduser@%                                                                                                              |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Additional Considerations

If you've deleted the user entry from the list of Rivendell authorized users, some RDLogEdit buttons may be grayed out. See Gray buttons in RDLogEdit on Windows Rivendell Host for details and how to fix.

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