Sound Cards Known to work with Rivendell

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To find out what soundcard your system has type the following command and record the results here.

 cat /proc/asound/modules
Sound Card Type Yes / No Special Comments
snd_ice1712 Yes Delta 1010LT
snd_ice1712 Yes Delta 1010
snd_intel8x0 Yes On Board Soundcard
snd_emu10k1x Yes
snd_ens1371 Yes
snd_emu10k1 Yes
snd_via82xx Yes On Board Soundcard
snd_hda_intel Yes
snd_bt87x Yes
snd_ice1724 Yes chaintech av-710 our main playout server at CFAQ
snd_usb_audio Yes Equipment with USB audio interfaces.
snd_vx222 No Digigram VX222V2
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