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RdAirPlay background image

It is possible to personalize RdAirPlay appearance by adding a 1024x768 image to its background. Remember that every counters, buttons and such WILL be superimposed over this image.

Supported formats

  • JPEG
  • PNG


Selection of the 1024x768 image is done in RdAdmin.

RdAdmin -> Manage Hosts -> [Your host] + Edit -> RdAirPlay -> Display Settings, Background Image : [/yourimagefolder/your1024x768image.png]


A template has been made using GIMP to help the process of creating your own background image. It is accessible via here.


very rough draft status...

This paqe will be to propose several sample icons to be used within Rivendell.

FIXME: table, with various programs, and multiple icon ideas

sample test image follows ... Image:test_icon_gimp.png

rivendell app icon motif A (wizard) icon motif B (radio)
RDAirPlay wizard Image:test_icon_gimp.png antena
RDLibrary wizard book Music shop, Jukebox, Library style CD shelf,
RDLogEdit Microphone(VoiceTrack), Cd stacks, programming
RDCatch Audio machines
RDLogManager Clocks, Timers, Stacks.
RDLogin Keys, Dj, microphone.
RDAdmin PatchBay, Tool box, Computer.
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