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Rivendell Broadcast Appliance CD

This CD can be downloaded from here. It is 64 bit and based on the CentOS operating system.


RRAbuntu is Ubuntu and Rivendell on a Live Demo/Installer CD.

RRAbuntu was created using Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.10! from and also Alban's Blog (Quick start for Rivendell on debian/ubuntu)

Visit RRAbuntu's website for the latest information and version.

Simply place CD in CD/DVD drive and reboot computer. Note: it will wipe out your entire system if you choose to "Install" and choose to use the entire hard drive, be certain to back up your files if you plan to install.


To Demo Rivendell Select Try Ubuntu with any change to your computer. This will not touch your file system and is safe to use. You can also change your keyboard by pressing F3 before booting.

The Demo is automated with scripts. To start the demo double-click on the RRAbuntu-demo icon on the desktop and follow the instructions.

For more information about RRAbuntu see its wiki page.

OpenSuse 11.2 Live CD

OpenSuse 11.2 with Rivendell 1.72 on a Live CD Installer.

You can download it here or on the Suse Gallery Site. Search for "Rivendell".

OpenSuSE 11.2 with Rivendell 2.0.1 on a Live CD Installer is available at

These OpenSuse CDs are put together by Tim Camp.

Release notes

After installation start mysql for a stand alone system or edit /etc/rd.conf for a separate mysql server. Then launch rdadmin, for a new stand alone use user root with no password for Rivendell database to be created. A basic asound config file exists for use with alsa cards. Be sure and create the /var/snd directory and setup nfs-client in yast for a networked system. This live cd install has the rddesktop using fvwm, if you want to use the gnome desktop just uninstall rddesktop and log out and back in.

Note: The Rivendell user is rduser, password rivendell. The root linux password is linux. There is no password assigned for the root mysql password.

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