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This is a guide on how to install Rivendell on Fedora 9 using RPMs built by John Brier. These RPMs do not include support for the ASI HPI sound boards. You will need to install the Livna yum repository to get mpg321 installed as a prerequisite for Rivendell.


Install Rivendell and prerequisites from the RPM with yum

Install the Livna yum software repository which is needed to install mpg321.

# rpm -Uvh

Download the Rivendell rpm with

# wget

Let yum install rivendell and resolve all dependencies automatically

# yum localinstall rivendell-1.0.0rc5-1.fc9.i386.rpm --nogpgcheck

If you need the other rivendell packages like web, importers use these rpms:

The source rpm is not needed by most people:

Configure Rivendell

After you install the RPM you will need to create an /etc/rd.conf configuration file. You can start with a sample configuration file located in /usr/share/doc/rivendell-[version]/rd.conf-sample:

# cp /usr/share/doc/rivendell-%{version}/rd.conf-sample /etc/rd.conf

Open the /etc/rd.conf configuration file in a text editor like vi or gedit:

# gedit /etc/rd.conf

Change the following lines:


Change them to your actual normal user and group. For example, my regular user and group are both john:


Configure ALSA for Rivendell

Create an /etc/asound.conf using a text editor like vi or gedit:

# gedit /etc/asound.conf
pcm.rd0 {
      type hw
      card 0

ctl.rd0 {
      type hw
      card 0

For more information on how ALSA virtual sound devices work see

MySQL configuration

Start up the MySQL database:

# service mysqld start

You will then be given a message which tells you to set your mysql root password. Later on you will use the mysql root username and password you set here with rdadmin to initialize Rivendell's database. Go ahead and set the root mysql password now:

# /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password'

Start Rivendell with rdadmin

Start rdadmin to initialize the DB:

# rdadmin

It will prompt you for the MySQL username and password you just created. enter "root" and whatever "password" you created earlier.

From there you are good to go. Later you can use

# service rivendell status
# service rivendell stop
# service rivendell start

to start/stop rivendell daemons.

Create /var/snd directory

You will need to have a /var/snd directory to store the audio files Rivendell uses. It needs to be owned by the same user you set for AudioOwner earlier in /etc/rd.conf

  1. mkdir /var/snd
  2. chown john:john /var/snd

Now you can run rdlibrary, rdairplay, rdlogmanager etc..

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