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Rivendell Change Summary

This page contains (recent) updated version changes in summary form. Please consult the ChangeLog and NEWS files in the source code for a more complete list of changes and bug fixes.

2.10.1 (11-04-2014)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: add “DSP utilization and profiling” info for Audio Science adapters
  • Functionality: add the column “EXT DATA” to the “Edit Log” screen in RDLogEdit
  • Bug fix: fixed a memory fault (crash) in RDLogEdit when dropping a cart that was being used in a log

2.10.2 (11-25-2014)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: CLI rdimport enhancement: add two date-related options to the command
  • Functionality: add column for ELR data in RDLogEdit
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in the Audio Science adapter for cards with only AES3 ports

2.10.3 (02-24-2015)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: add RLM (plugin) for Live365 streaming service (which is defunct as of Summer 2016)
  • Functionality: add “MrMaster” and “Spin Count” reports
  • Functionality: add support for audio switcher devices that use the “Software Authority” protocol
  • Functionality: add ability to set segue markers in the CLI app rdmarkerset
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused issues with Services containing a <Space> character in the service name

2.11.0 (09-18-2015)

  • Database version 252
  • Functionality: add RDCatch upload/download protocols sftp and scp
  • Functionality: add support to import MP4/AAC files
  • Functionality: add support for the Ross NK series video switcher
  • Functionality: add support for PCM24 in the core audio library code
  • Bug fix: re-wrote the CD ripper code to make it faster and more reliable
  • Bug fix: fixed several bugs related to audio data and buffering
  • Bug fix: Normalized service clock data from the 'SERVICES' to the 'SVC_CLOCKS' table

2.12.0 (04-14-2016)

  • Database version 254
  • Functionality: add support for sequential Cut play-out - you can now configure carts to play cuts in a fixed, sequential order rather than by weight value
  • Functionality: add support for Broadcast Tools switchers
  • Functionality: add RML macro Copy Cut (CP) to copy cuts between carts
  • Functionality: add option to show only “recent” logs in RDLogEdit
  • Functionality: add new web API methods related to Scheduler Codes
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused issues with Services containing the “-” (dash) character

2.13.0 (05-10-2016)

  • Database version 255
  • Functionality: add RLM plugin for the Paravel Systems WallTime clock
  • Functionality: add new CLI command rdexport to export Carts with metadata
  • Functionality: new report: Cut Log that includes the Description field for played events
  • Bug fix: fixed a crash in RDLibrary when attempting to open multiple Carts
  • Bug fix: fixed RDLogEdit to improve performance when saving and updating logs
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused marker data to be deleted when exporting a Cut

2.14.0 (06-10-2016)

  • Database version 258
  • Functionality: add the ability to capture real-time events in RDCatch recordings and replay the events in sync with the captured audio
  • Functionality: add RML Macro Cut Event (CE) for placing real-time event markers into active RDCatch recordings
  • Functionality: add support for specifying precise start time and length parameters for Traffic events that are embedded in Music events
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in RDAdmin that could cause creation of a new database to fail
  • Bug fix: fix issues that prevent compilation under newer versions of the GNU C compiler suite
  • Bug fix: various enhancements and fixes to the new(ish) rdexport utility
  • Bug fix: initial support for newer versions of MySQL (and MariaDB)
  • Bug fix: add code to allow embedded traffic breaks to be specified with start time and length in the music schedule.

2.14.1 (06-11-2016)

  • Database version 258
  • Bug fix: additional fixes for newer versions of MySQL (and MariaDB)

2.15.0 (07-29-2016)

  • Bug fix: complete support for the MySQL/MariaDB InnoDB database engine (for better transaction processing of database updates)
  • Functionality: enhancements to rdexport that include full metadata in RDXML format
  • Functionality: add CLI command rdclilogedit that enables editing of Rivendell Logs from the command line (without a GUI app)
  • Functionality: Update the database to version 259.

2.15.1 (08-05-2016)

  • Database version 259
  • Bug fix: fixed WAV file export code to enhance compatibility with third-party applications

2.15.2 (01-13-2017)

  • Database version 259
  • Documentation: Document the interfaces for inserting inline traffic breaks and for inserting voice track markers (also add an example in docs/examples/)
  • Bug fix: in rdadmin/createdb.cpp that caused obsolete fields in the 'SERVICES' table to be included when creating a new database.
  • Bug fix: in lib/rdwavefile.cpp that caused RDXL chunks to be written with odd chunk lengths.
  • Bug fix: in lib/rdsimpleplayer.cpp that caused RDAirPlay to freeze when attempting to audition an expired cart.
  • Functionality: Added a LockRdairplayMemory= parameter to the [Hacks] section.
  • Functionality: Modified the LiveWire Multicast GPIO driver to generate GPO events using the 'I' event type.

2.15.3 (03-24-2017)

  • Database version 259
  • Bug fix: Fixed bugs in MP3 file importation that caused files with variable bit rate (VBR) to be truncated during import.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused dynamically loaded codec libraries to fail to be detected if the corresponding library’s so-called -devel package was not installed.
  • Functionality: Added an RLM for generating TagStation RLM events for NextRadio.
  • Functionality: Added AddLog, DeleteLog and SaveLog calls to the web API, along with general cleanup and correction of the overall Web API subsystem.
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