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>===== Original Message From Fred Gleason <fredg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ===== On Tuesday 10 May 2005 22:55, Michael Barnes wrote:

 > Please help me understand the concept with carts and cuts.  In the
 > library, I create carts, then import/record/rip a number of cuts into
 > it.  So, is a cart an individual song, or is a cut an individual song?
 > In working with the logs, I see where I can schedule carts, but not
 > cuts.  If I have a whole bunch of cuts in one cart, how do I schedule a
 > particular cut to play when I want it to?

A 'Cart' is the smallest 'atom' of audio that is visible to systems outside of Rivendell --e.g. to Traffic or Music schedulers. 'Cuts' are invisible to such systems, and hence cannot be directly scheduled.

Cuts come into play when 'rotating' events are desired. An example: the local Chevy dealer has just bought a schedule that consists of four pre-recorded pieces that are to run in equal rotation. The production department creates *one* cart, containing the four pieces of audio in four different cuts within that one cart. RDAirPlay will automatically rotate the playout so that the four cuts get equal airtime. Traffic only needs to worry about keeping track of and scheduling one cart number, not four.

This was a very simple example -- there are *lots* of additional features available that can be used to control which cuts get selected for airplay under what circumstances. Here's a slightly more complex example, this one using some of the dayparting features found in the Cut Info/Record dialog: let's say we want to record the weekly bulk feed of Chuck Colson's 'Breakpoint' feature on Sunday evenings for playout on the subsequent Monday-Friday. We'll create one cart, with five different cuts. For the first cut, we'll check just the 'Monday' box in the 'Day of the Week' section, for the next cut we'll check just 'Tuesday', and so on. Next, we'll set up RDCatch so that the appropriate feeds go to each cut. In your playout log, you just schedule the same cart number each day, and the system will automagically play the correct cut, based on the current day of the week. Traffic only has to worry about keeping track of one cart number, not five.

Did I mention that it's also possible to create 'evergreen' cuts, that will play *only* if no other cuts are eligible for playout? You can also program start and kill dates, valid dayparts, and non-equal rotation weighting. I encourage you to experiment.


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